Veckans boktips- Alanna, The First Adventure by Tamora Pierce.

Alanna and Thom are two identical twins, identical except for the length of their hair. Alanna is going to be sent to the convent to learn to be a lady and Thom is going to be sent to the castle to become a knight. However, Alanna doesn’t want to be a lady: she wants to be a knight and Thom wants to be a magician. So they decide to switch places. Alanna will go to the castle to become a knight. Disguised as a boy.

I read this book for the first time a few years ago and it was, and still is, the best book I’ve read. This novel has everything: friendship, a bit of romance, the struggle of becoming a woman when you have to disguise yourself as a boy, lots of funny comments, and lastly, tons of adventure.

This novel is the first of four, so if you like this one: the rest are just as awesome.

Emma Koski alanna the first adventure


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