How to Relationship: Åva Edition

Don’t make out in centralhallen, please.

Very often LoveHeroes see couples stuck to each other by the waist, kissing and touching all the time and just being plain weird. When we see these couples, we feel like we just want to give them a lesson in how to boyfriend or girlfriend: how to relationship. Now we are no masters, but it sure seems like we know more than these people, anyway. So here we are, attempting to give some tips on how to relationship.

Disclaimer: we do not intend to offend anyone, these are merely our own personal opinions and experiences.

How many times have you seen a couple kissing, snogging, going a bit too far or simply being weird in school? Multiple times, we bet. I know we have. We all see you making out against the lockers, we see you gazing into each other’s eyes, we see you lifting up your partner spinning them around. Now don’t get me wrong, for a while it can be sweet. But after seeing all this more than one time, it is just annoying. And weird.

Avoid contact, especially the lips.
We get it, you’re in love and can’t keep your hands off each other. But please try, at least, to keep it outside of the classrooms and corridors. No one wants to see you two being all touchy touchy and lovey dovey all the time.

Don’t ditch your friends.
Your friends will understand if you want to spend time with you bae, but they probably won’t be as understanding if you never spend time with them anymore. Make sure to divide your time wisely between you partner and your squad.  

But don’t ignore each other.
Yes, you should totally spend time with your squad, but don’t ignore your partner all together. Talk to each other, sit next to each other during lunch or when waiting for class to start. Make sure your S.O. doesn’t feel left out.

Befriend your partner’s friends.
This is, personally, our favourite tip. It doesn’t sound hard, right? It’s not. It’s okay if you don’t like everyone of your partner’s friends, but get to know them somewhat so you can have a conversation with them. For then you can be with you partner when he/she is with his/her friends. And you get more friends! ‘’Två flugor i en smäll!’’

Have fun!
You’re young! Be free and have fun! You’re still in high school, so don’t get too serious. Do fun stuff with your partner (and all your friends): go on fun outings to an art museum and pretend you’re art-critics (sounds childish, but is pretty awesome, to be honest), go to parties and dress up and lastly: make every day your best day yet.



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