My Heart Is with Paris


Today, my heart is with Paris,
but the truth is, we think this is more horrible than other terror attacks,

simply because “these things shouldn’t happen here”.

When this happened in Beirut we didn’t even notice.

Today, my heart is with Paris,
but also with Calais, Kenya, Beirut, Palestine, Jerusalem, Syria and Kongo.

Because terror attacks occur more often in other countries

but it doesn’t make it less horrible.

Paris was a shock because “we” still think

that this shouldn’t happen “here”,

terror is just something that affects “the others”.

Today, my heart is with Paris,
my heart is with the victims that were affected directly by these horrible attacks,

and my heart is with the Muslims that are forced to confess to the crimes

they didn’t commit.

Today, my heart is with Paris,
but my heart is aching because refugees will be blamed for attacks,

even though this is what they are fleeing from everyday.

Today, my heart is with Paris,
but more than anything this is a friendly reminder from me to all of you,

look after your friends and family who will now more than ever be a target for racists who can’t tell the difference between ISIS, a Muslim or any person of different colour.

Today, my heart is with Paris,
because somehow, this terror will breed more racism and hatred

instead of solidarity and empathy.

By: Lydia Grünewald


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